25 April 2011

I’m going to slowly work on completing the gallery with all of Kate’s projects. Today’s update is the addition of over 130 screencaptures of her appearance in a 2004 episode of CSI: Miami. Related Links: – Television > CSI: Miami > Screencaptures – 3.04 ‘Murder in a Flash’

29 April 2009

I’ve added screencaptures from the first two episodes of Jack & Bobby that Kate guest starred in.  More coming later! Screencaptures – 1.13 ‘A New Frontier’ x237 Screencaptures – 1.14 ‘Into the Woods’ x216

22 April 2009

I’ve added 26 HQ stills from one of the episodes of Jack & Bobby that Kate was in.  I will try and track down more.  Screencaptures from this episode and more should be up soon too. Episode Stills – 1.14 ‘Into the Woods’ x026

16 March 2009

Back in 2003, Kate had a guest appearance on the show Boston Public.  I’ve added over 250 screencaptures to the gallery. Screencaptures – 4.09 ‘Chapter Seventy-Five’ x255